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I have been trying to get a stable base for a Arduino track bot. I had trouble with coming up with a good battery for powering the 2 motors. I tried using a 9V battery but it consumed the power in a few minutes. I found a good alternative by using a blackberry phone battery which is about 3.7V DC (BAT-11004-001). The power lasted fairly long time and was sufficient enough for the track bots motor. I was able to connect it as an external power to the motor shield with an on/off switch allowing me to cut the power to the motor quickly. The code is similar to what I had before. Just a simple Ping sensor looking for the distance, backs up and turns when it senses something 8 inches away.


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2 Responses to “Arduino: TrackBot”

  • Justin Montgomery

    Are there any schematics or building plan for this. I am new to robotics and I think I am able to build this amazing Track Bot. I don’t mean to copy your design and sell it as my own, I just mean to have a starting point. Just let me know thanks!

    • Nirmal

      Hi, just saw your comment. Sorry for the late reply. The bot is pretty simple. Its basically an Arduino Uno connected to a motorshield. The motorshield is connected to the 2 motors with the gear box and the ping ultrasonic sensor. Let me know if you still need help.