Solar HexBug

I was looking online on how to build small solar bots. I came across this website It has lot of interesting ideas on how to convert small bugs and cars into solar bots. The solar engine thats used in the bots is based a 1381 voltage trigger engine that releases power to the motors when the trigger voltage is reached. I decided to buy a hexbug and a brainchild solar engine to build my own. Unfortunately the solar engine came with a voltage trigger that activates at 4.5V, which was too high for the bug to walk forward so it kept reversing. I thought the whiskers sensor had gone bad. But after discussing it with a rep at, he explained that I needed a lower voltage trigger, around 2V-3V. I bought the triggers and able to replace it fairly easily and get it working.

My next goal is to work on BEAM robots.

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One Response to “Solar HexBug”

  • jim

    Hi Nirmal,
    Good work. Just found your site, did’t know you had this site .Saw the other posts, looks good, keep it up.

    The 4.5V Voltage trigger some how makes the whiskers ‘sensor’ go high (don’t forget the battery is only 3V and nothing is damaged apparently). The best voltage trigger is about 2.7V, I think, because it makes the bug go longer and the Brainchild solar panel takes in energy quite well under shady conditions like near the windows so there are minimal charging time for a reasonable long walks by the bug.

    Give me an e-mail and can let you try some thing else for you to post if you like.